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Our Volvo XC90 Cutaway/Cross Section Cars

Our incredibly rare XC90 safety demonstration cutaways offer an amazingly informative and educational look into what makes a Volvo so safe. Five of these cutaways were commissioned by Volvo Car Corporation, and the only other known example is at the Volvo Museum in Gothenburg, Sweden. We have also equipped one of them with an LCD display in the engine compartment which shows classic and modern Volvo crash test and promotional videos. There is no place in the region where you can learn more about Volvos than right here in Pennant's showroom! This page contains extensive galleries (including "behind the scenes" photos of our acquisition of the vehicles) and information about the history of our rare cutaway cars.

The Full Safety Shell Cutaway Demo

The pride and joy of our collection of Volvo promotional items, this safety demo car traveled the world on the car show circuit in 2002 and 2003, prior to the release of the Volvo XC90. It took serious effort to acquire this item for our collection as most auto show promotions are destroyed after use. We discovered after the fact that only five of these XC90 cutaways were produced for various car shows across the world. When we learned about the existance of this cutaway, we lobbied to purchase it from its owner, a Volvo dealership in the southern USA for several months. They finally decided they were willing to part ways with it in January 2015. We immediately headed south in our XC90 V8 to pick it up and tow it back!

The Full Running / Driving XC90 Cutaway Demo

To say that this cutaway is special is the understatement of the century. This speciic cutaway, also one of the five made as mentioned above, was originally commissioned for the 2002 Geneva Motor Show in Geneva Switzerland. It was then imported to the United States by Volvo Cars North America who used it at private corporate events, and displayed it at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. After that, it was made available for purchase to Volvo dealerships. The dealership that purchased it paid well over $100,000 for this cutaway, and it cost even more than that to create it! We didn't actually learn of this cutaway's whereabouts until February of this year. We were at a Volvo dealership to which we had never been on an emergency parts run and saw it in their showroom. We asked to speak with the manager about it in hopes that perhaps they would have additional information about our other cutaway. The manager indicated that he didn't have much information, but expressed interest in selling it. We negotiated a deal on the spot, and returned the following week to tow it back to Pennant Motors! One of the things that makes this cutaway particularly special is that it is fitted with nearly every optional accessory, and every option available from the factory -- even some things which were only available in the European market. It has an incredibly rare factory body kit on the drivers side, as well as running boards, roof protection ribs, a skid plate, and we added roof rails with a ski carrier. This XC90 cutaway retains its complete driveline and electrical system and is capable of running and driving just like a fully functional XC90!


Behind The Scenes

A look into our acquisition and transport of our cutaway XC90s. Below is the gallery for the shell cutaway. In both cases we towed the cutaways using our 2007 XC90 V8 with a rented U-Haul trailer. What more appropriate tow vehicle would there be for this?

Loaded up in Kentucky and ready to be wrapped!

Covered and wrapped for transport to save this shell cutaway from the weather.

We were amazed at the brand new condition of the underside of the shell cutaway. It's never seen a road!

Ready to roll north in our XC90 V8!

The shell cutaway's last moment at the dealership where it has spent over 10 years of its "life."

A late night arrival back at Pennant Motors. The shell cutaway is unwrapped and ready to be pushed into the showroom to get it out of the weather.

Pushing the shell up the icy ramp into the showroom was not very fun, but thanks to the awesome dedicated staff of Pennant, we got it handled in no time!

Finally in its new home in the Pennant showroom -- all in the same day.

Behind The Scenes

A look into our acquisition and transport of our cutaway XC90s. Below is the gallery for the full running / driving cutaway. In both cases we towed the cutaways using our 2007 XC90 V8 with a rented U-Haul trailer. The calculated weight of this tow was over 6000lbs. The best part? Our XC90 hit a quarter million miles while towing the cutaway back to Pennant!

This is on the showroom floor of the Volvo dealership where we discovered this cutaway. This picture was taken on the first day we became aware of it!

Another great picture of the cutaway in the location it sat for well over ten years!

Loading up the XC90 cutaway in the parking lot of the Volvo dealership.

Loaded up. We covered the holes in the body with collision wrap to keep the inside clean. We didn't expect any poor weather this time.

This cutaway's last moments at the dealership where it spent over 10 years of its "life!"

A quick stop for gas before leaving the area of the Volvo dealership.

Being "chased" by the cutaway on the way back to Pennant.

Our XC90 hit 250,000 miles while towing this 6,000 pound cutaway. A heck of a milestone.

We made a quick check at a rest stop to make sure the cutaway was properly secured and that everything was intact. All was well!

And later that night it arrives at its new home at Pennant Motors!


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